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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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Thanks to the Salon du Végétal, buyers and suppliers from different markets can meet easily in a relaxing and pleasant environment.

The more products a store offers, the better the capacity to meet the client’s different needs. And so this same logic applies to the Salon du Végétal: we have diversified the products range to better answer the needs of buyers and thus encourage them to come.

This technique is even more important when more and more buyers (distribution, landscapers, public spaces) have a view not just on plants, but on manufactured goods, inputs, decoration, equipments…

A wider range, in 4 sectors



Plants: bulbs, bushes, shrubs, trees, cut flowers, borders and beddings, plants for balconies and patios, interior plants, flowering plants, vegetable gardens, orchards and vineyards, seeds…
Equipment and material
(fertilizers, chemicals, soil improvers…)
Packaging & pallets
Outdoor plants
Lawns & seeds
Outdoor landscaping
Paving and surface covering
Equipment and material
Maintenance and treatment equipment

Inside and outside plants
Decorations & containers
Exterior design
Treatment and maintenance products
Equipment, clothing, tooling and materials
Regional & well-being products
Leisure and pleasure gardens

Cut flowers and foliage
Wickerwork, packaging, containers
Floral foams
Fertilizers & plant conditioners
Shop furniture
Floristry & bouquet making equipment

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