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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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12 Jun 2018 The importance of organic fertilizers.

We are aware that we are talking about the role of humus, organic manure and plant remains in the provision of soil fertility.

The main constituents of organic substances in the soil are humic substances. They improve the structure of the soil and ensure water permeability. The principal indicator of soil fertility is the content of organic substances in it. Plant health, productivity and the quality of the crop obtained also depend on the content of organic substances in the soil. To obtain healthy food, the optimal growth conditions of plants must be ensured by selecting organic fertilising agents instead of just mineral fertilizers. 

The use of organic fertilizers improves plant health, because humic substances improve the uptake of nutrients from soil and protect plants from undesirable factors of the external environment, as well as strengthen their immunity - resistance to diseases.
If all the required nutrients and water are available to plants, they are less prone to being affected by diseases and pests, the plants are healthier and they develop better.

The improvement of the soil structure raises the intensity of plant breathing and their stress tolerance to undesirable climatic conditions like long-term heat and drought or, to the contrary, - cold and excessive moisture.

A modern, unique and high quality organic fertilizer that is made in Latvia from local raw materials - fermented chicken       manure.
It contains organic substances and other nutrients vital for plants.
It does not contain weed seeds, pathogens or heavy metals and has reduced smell.
The fertilizer has been created, keeping in mind a beneficial environmental impact and the improvement of soil fertility.