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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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22 May 2018

Participate in the festive evening on Wednesday 20 June at the Salon du Végétal tradeshow.

Visuel_Soiree_BDFParticipate in the festive evening on Wednesday 20 June (7 pm) at the Salon du Végétal tradeshow. An evening with full of festivities and conviviality.

Dealing with the fair theme "Naturally friendly!", this festive evening gather exhibitors, visitors and journalists. Come create strong links and interesting business contacts in a friendly atmosphere during this special evening.

Music, cocktail dinner, foodtrucks... are waiting for you on the esplanade of the exhibition centre on Wednesday 20 June - 7pm. The entry fee is 30 euros. It includes catering and a wine tasting.


In addition of this evening ticket, please ask as well for a badge to enter the exhibition.

Exhibitor: thank you to use as a priority your exhibitor application for registration.