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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
19 - 20 - 21 June 2018
Exhibit in 2018


Innovative plant design area

Discover surprising concepts and innovative objects which make planting easier. This is at the heart of our lives.
With the sponsor of Groupama

Jacques Moreau_MOJ8498The «Dream up, Easy plants!» theme of the Salon du Végétal trade show has seen over 20 designers working, polishing and refining, their ideas, designs, and prototypes for many months. All are hoping to win a prize in the process. It’s a great way to get noticed, as has already been the case, by industrialisation projects.

Several trophies will be awarded at the trade show:
- «A new look at plants» Trophy, awarded by a jury of professionals,
- «Visitor’s Choice» Prize, awarded by visitors, who can vote Tuesday and Wednesday on the stand until 2pm,


This part of the Salon du Végétal takes place thanks to a partnership with BTS Product Design from the school «Lycée 
J. Monnet» (Les Herbiers (85), France).


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