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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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The Landscaping sector occupies half of hall 2 and all of hall 3, in addition to the outdoor area, to offer responses to the industry’s current challenges. Urban green spaces departments, landscaping firms, architects, urban planners and territorial authorities come to the fair seeking inspiration from equipment demonstrations, specialized conferences with renowned speakers, and the “connected garden” area, new in 2018.

A well-stocked product range

Once again this year, a comprehensive range of products is on offer, including outdoor plants, lawns and seeds, outdoor landscaping, surface materials and coatings, equipment and material, services, design, and not forgetting care and treatment products.
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DemoMateriels2017An outdoor area for equipment demonstrations

In partnership with Matériel & Paysage magazine, a dedicated outdoor area allows exhibitors to display the capabilities of their equipment in real-life situations to local authority and landscaping professionals. Demonstrations include alternative weeding, small-scale manual labour products, wood chippers, small mechanical cultivators and robot lawn mowers.

Specialized conferences

Salonduvegetal_ParcExpo4The Landscaping sector offers a wide choice of technical conferences on the issues and challenges affecting landscaping and urban green spaces, with trending themes such as pop-up gardens, cemeteries and food-growing gardens.
- In parallel, join renowned designers (Michel Pena, MVRDV, Anna Yudina, Grant Associates) for a conference open to the general public in Nantes on the theme of “From Nantes to Babylon: hanging gardens”, and conferences held at the fair.
- The CNFPT (Centre National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale) will share its thoughts on the theme of “Tomorrow, we will all be gardeners in our cities”.

Landscaping know-how

SavoirFairePaysage2017- Landscaping Battles: the MFR Pays de la Loire go head to head at the fair
To mark the Salon du Végétal, all the students at the 11 training schools, Maisons Familiales et Rurales (MFR), of the Pays de la Loire region specialising in landscaping will show the professionals what they are capable of in terms of know-how and the spirit of cooperation. s in these battles.
- Regional qualifiers for the Meilleurs Apprentis de France Paysagiste awards
Young professionals will be demonstrating their skills in the regional qualifiers for the “Meilleurs Apprentis de France” competition, and the selection of the pair of regional finalists for the “Olympiades des Métier” competition.

Discovering Nantes’ green spaces

On Tuesday 19 and Wednesday 20 June, at 4.30pm, there will be a relaxed visit to “nature and landscape” projects:
- the (future) Nantes promenade and the North Banks of the Ile de Nantes: hosted by BASE, the agency responsible for the project’s design and management. The riverbanks offers a variety of sports and fun activities to attract young people. Belvedere terraces and chaises longues also make for peaceful repose and contemplation of the river.
- The (future) Nantes Promenade: from botanic garden to extraordinary garden and the Arbre aux Hérons. A closer look at the “Quai des Plantes”, where the quayside comes alive with greenery.
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New: a connected garden at the Salon du Végétal.

Ideally positioned outdoors, between the XXL hall and the other halls, the Connected Garden area will feature, in real-life conditions, all the latest innovations in connected objects and digital solutions for the garden. Robot lawn mowers, controlled lighting and irrigation, reasoned management… lots of new ideas to discover. This area is presented in partnership with Jardigital and Matériel & Paysage.

Landscaping Corner: new space, new staging

Exhibitors can make use of this immaculately staged showroom to showcase their flagship products. Among the themes for 2018: plants, tiling, fountains and pools, paving, terraces, natural stone, wood and mulching.

New in 2018: Connected Garden area

Know-how demonstrations
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SoireefestiveFestive evening
Don't miss this moment of conviviality! Wednesday 20 June