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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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20 Nov 2017

The tradeshow will take place from 19 to 21 June 2018 in Nantes - France. This 33rd edition will deal with the theme "Naturally friendly!".

When the sector's key event combines plants, business AND CONVIVIALITY.

The Salon du Végétal tradeshow will take place from 19 to 21 June 2018 in Nantes, France. It will put the spotlight on the flower and plant production, garden retail and landscaping under the slogan 'Naturally friendly!', which is to be the common layout theme on stands.  After a first 2017 edition in Nantes, the fair will optimized in 2018 space utilization by trade segment, take an increasingly structured and up-front commercial approach on a base of identified buyers and use a new updated logo.

Affiche_SalonduVegetal2018_UK"Naturally friendly!": a very meaningful theme for the whole industry
Whether in public spaces, stores, corporates or at home, conviviality is a highly prized value for everybody. Tired of cold, soulless spaces, citizens are looking for more social interaction. It has even become such a major concern for retailers that they have placed a big effort in improving customer experience in their stores. It is also one of the key principles when it comes to creating public and private spaces.
How may plants, products and services related to gardening, decoration and urban design, foster a sense of friendliness? To what extent they may impact people’s well-being? How does the industry make the most of this aspiration towards well-being and friendliness?
Under the slogan "Naturally friendly!", the Salon du Végétal’s organizers, exhibitors and partners invite the industry professionals to come and seek either inspiration or information, and discover innovative solutions in a business and friendly atmosphere.

Improved hall layout
"In order to ensure more fluidity between the different business areas of the fair (Production, Landscaping, Retail and Floristry), we’re going to introduce various changes," says the exhibition manager Jean-Eric Ponthou:
- The Landscaping area is moving from the Grand Palais hall to the 2, 3 and 4 ones. The outdoor demo area for equipment will be significantly enlarged.
- The Retail area is moving to the Grand Palais hall and part of hall 2.
- The placement of stands in the Production area (XXL hall) is being changed to improve efficiency.
- Dynamic signage in the halls will foster interaction between the different business areas.
Regarding the Innovert new product contest, the 2018 location will be revealed shortly. "Some events and display areas sSalonduvegetal2018_plan_UKhowcasing trends and innovative products will be placed strategically throughout the trade fair. A special focus will be given on shop fitting, landscape design, merchandising and demos," says Jean-Eric Ponthou. Several conference areas will provide visitors with information and solutions.

Actions to encourage extra French and international trade visitors to come to the Fair 
Large-scale telemarketing operations on a base of qualified contacts, 30,000 mail invitations, regular press releases, a major media plan (trade media), partnerships with the industry’s organisations, an ultimate SEO via Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter, e-invitations, a long distance bus service to the trade show,…
All these actions are meant to encourage more trade visitors to attend the fair. "In order to increase the number of international visitors, the Salon du Végétal has recently joined Promosalons, the network dedicated to the international promotion of French tradeshows. Synergies with other foreign events will also be established, such as the 2017 partnership with the HTA National Plant Show in the UK," says Jean-Eric Ponthou.
The Salon du Végétal unveils its new logo
To support the development of the four trade segments of the show, there was no other choice but to change the logo as well. The objective was to position the fair as the key event for ALL sectors of the plant industry sectors (Production, Landscaping, Retail and Floristry).
The core idea of plants is still very strong but takes on a much broader meaning with the integration of the four business areas. The word "végétal" (plant) is no longer just limited to flowers and plants, but now encompasses all aspects of the "plant world": garden, urban layout, landscaping, outdoor decoration and so on.

The tradeshow is organized with the support of Nantes Métropole (Urban Community of Nantes), Nantes City Council and Val’hor (inter-branch organization).

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