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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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10 Apr 2018

What if the florist’s store were reinvented?

New in 2018: 

An innovative concept store in the heart of the Salon du Végétal

What if the florist’s store were reinvented?


Closer to the customer, more artisanal, more authentic, more in step with the consumer’s idea of nature? What does the ideal store look like in 2020?

For the 33rd Salon du Végétal, our team asked trends consultancy Chlorosphère to come up with a new store model for French florists. This real-life tool, totally in step with current and future trends in neighbourhood retail, is designed especially for you.
Based on consumer expectations and changes in society, this novel and inspiring model was created specially for visitors to the Floristry sector.

A white-label brand to give you inspiration

Many of you have been talking about it on social networks and at trade fairs, so here is the first ever fictitious shop… for you to copy! No brand, message or franchise is behind this innovative concept. Take inspiration, copy it, take photographs! The store was created by professional shopfitters and retailers to offer you a new vision to explore at will.

The concept: the flower bar

Paying tribute to craftsmanship while leaving the customer free to choose is the underlying principle of this store. To achieve this, we divided the space into two areas: 

- A self-service area for the customer.

- An area that puts the florist at the heart of the relationship: the flower bar. On the same principle as an ice-cream or pastry shop, the customer makes their selection (guided by suggestions from the florist) and the florist then creates an original arrangement to the customer’s taste. Price is determined by size, with the customer starting by choosing the size of the container (cone, box, etc.). This single-price formula is useful for guiding consumers’ choice without too much distraction while focusing on their particular tastes.

The theme: Bohemian chic

Since this is one of the most recurrent themes in experiential floristry, why not style the store in line with what customers want? This is one of the key 2018-2019 trends in decoration and plants and flowers. To underscore the theme, the brand (Lily Rose, nature creator), the furniture (light-coloured wood), the decoration (Bohemian), the products (ultra natural) and the display cases will be carefully chosen for an on-trend overall look.