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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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salon-vegetal-2019-10-12-september-at-nantes tuesday 16 october Salon du Végétal 2019: 10-12 September at Nantes

The 34th edition of the Salon du Végétal will be held from 10 to 12 September 2019 at the Beaujoire exhibition centre in Nantes.

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news-plants-awarded-at-innovert-2018 wednesday 29 august News plants awarded at Innovert 2018

Discover the new plants awarded at the novelties competition Innovert 2018

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positioning-dates-and-steering-committee-future-developments thursday 19 july Positioning dates and steering committee: future developments

The Salon du Végétal continues its evolutions with a reflection on the dates and the creation of a steering committee.

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review-of-the-salon-vegetal-2018 thursday 28 june Review of the Salon du Végétal 2018

The Salon du Végétal closed its doors a week ago in Nantes. Our thanks go out to all the exhibitors, visitors and journalists who attended. Visitor numbers remained steady, with 10,197 professionals attending.

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green-boutique-the-competition-that-highlights-plants-in-the-city wednesday 27 june Green Boutique, the competition that highlights plants in the city For its first edition, the Green Boutique contest revealed 8 participants from all over France. Read more feedback-on-the-festive-evening tuesday 26 june Feedback on the festive evening!

Wednesday 20 June, around 1,000 exhibitors, visitors and journalists came to the festive evening.

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innovert-contest-the-awarded-novelties monday 18 june Innovert contest: the awarded novelties

On Monday 18 June, a jury made up of professionals has decided of the winners for the novelties competition Innovert

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fitt-the-new-nts-range friday 15 june FITT: The new NTS range Durable and easy to use solution for fluid conveying! Read more yoyo-by-fitt--the-innovative-ready-to-use-red-system thursday 14 june YOYO by FITT - the innovative ready -to-use red system More then mere gardening. Read more javo--agricultural-and-horticultural-automation wednesday 13 june JAVO - Agricultural and Horticultural automation JAVO presents the new corporate identity. Read more egg-energy--improve-the-soil-structure-and-fertility tuesday 12 june EGG ENERGY - Improve the soil structure and fertility The importance of organic fertilizers. Read more festive-evening-registration--wednesday-20-june tuesday 22 may Festive evening registration - Wednesday 20 June

Participate in the festive evening on Wednesday 20 June at the Salon du Végétal tradeshow.

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60-innovations-at-the-innovert-novelties-contest monday 14 may 60 innovations at the Innovert novelties contest

Discover the nominees to Innovert, the contest that rewards the innovations of the flowers and plants, retail and landcaping sectors.

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new-in-2018-an-innovative-concept-store-in-the-heart-of-the-salon-vegetal tuesday 10 april New in 2018: an innovative concept store in the heart of the Salon du Végétal

What if the florist’s store were reinvented?

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retail-corner-new-concept-of-store-staging tuesday 10 april Retail corner: a new concept of store staging

140sq.m space dedicated in the Retail sector where exhibitors can showcase their products.

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register-the-novelties-to-innovert-contest thursday 25 january Register the novelties to Innovert contest

Register the novelties to the Innovert contest. Innovert is the innovation showcase of the flower and plant, gardening and landscaping sectors. Deadline to register: 15 March 2018

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improved-hall-layout- thursday 07 december Improved hall layout Various changes have been introduced in the new fair layout to ensure more fluidity between the different tradeshow sectors. Read more naturally-friendly-fair-2018-theme monday 20 november Naturally friendly: fair's 2018 theme

The tradeshow will take place from 19 to 21 June 2018 in Nantes - France. This 33rd edition will deal with the theme "Naturally friendly!".

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the-2018-enrolment-request-form-is-available thursday 21 september The 2018 enrolment request form is available!

The 2018 edition is launched!

Come and exhibit at the 2018 edition! You have more than one reason to do so!

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feedback-about-the-2017-edition wednesday 12 july Feedback about the 2017 edition

Feedback about the 2017 edition: the show is on the road!

"We did it! With all of you, we make the Salon du Végétal take a decisive turn in order to gather the whole sector under optimal business conditions".

SDV2017_Feedback_2017edition_400x300Find the whole editorial and feedback about the 2017 edition by clicking here.

Download the feedback about the 2017 edition (pdf)

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and-the-2017-innovert-winners-are monday 19 june And the 2017 Innovert winners are… partenaire35In May’s beginning, we announced not less than 70 novelties nominated for the Innovert Novelties Competition. Today, we reveal you the winning products. Discover the Golden Innovert, the Silver and the Bronze attributed by our jury composed of experts.

Innovert Gold
- Category "New plant - nursery" : Rosa x Vihaïpi 'Trakinsplash' - PEPINIÈRES DE LA SAULAIE (49)  - stand B047 - XXL
- Category "New plant - horticulture" : Dahlia x Heroïne - ERNEST TURC (49) - stand C069 - XXL
- Category "Commercial plant innovation" : Astuces de la nature - FLEURON D’ANJOU (49) - stand E093 - XXL
- Category "Production" : Fertilpot NT - FERTIL SAS (92) - stand H187 – XXL
- Category "Distribution/Floristry" : Tuyau Yoyo - FITT FRANCE (13) - stand 426 - HALL 3
- Category "Green Spaces" : Application web Floriscope - PLANTE ET CITÉ (49) - stand B040 - XXL

Innovert Silver
- Category "New plant - nursery" : Lagerstroemia x indica Mimie® Fuchsia 'Dablage01' - SAPHO (49) - stand A015 – XXL
- Category "New plant - horticulture" : Clematis Green Passion 'ZO11050' & Red Passion 'ZO11056' - TRAVERS PEPINIERES (45) - stand B039 - XXL
- Category "New plant - horticulture" : Mandevilla Sundaville® Apricot - MNP FLOWERS (PAYS-BAS) – stand A012 - XXL
- Category "Commercial plant innovation" : Lumaki® - BLOOM HUB (45) - stand D073 - XXL
- Category "Production" : Asperello™ T34 Biocontrol® - BIOBEST (84) - stand 723 - GRAND PALAIS
- Category "Distribution/Floristry" : Terreau plantes fleuries 40 L à deux poignées + zip - OR BRUN (69) - stand 427 - HALL 3
- Category "Green Spaces" : Tribor et Trilis - IF TECH (49) - stand 744 - GRAND PALAIS

Innovert Bronze
- Category "New plant - nursery" : Kalanchoe blossfeldiana Calandiva Discodip - SV.CO (PAYS-BAS) - stand C057 - XXL
- Category "Commercial plant innovation" : Slow Life - ERNEST TURC (49) - stand 069 - XXL
- Category "Production" : Substrat Motte Biotise BTX - PREMIER TECH FALIENOR (49) - stand G153 - XXL
- Category "Distribution/Floristry" : Oasis® Floxi - SMITHERS OASIS (11) - stand 320 - HALL 1

Jury: Muriel BOUQUIN (FFAF) - Christian CRÉPIN (FNPHP) - Alain DELAVIE (RUSTICA SA et président du concours Innovert) - Jean-Marc DEOGRATIAS (ASTREDHOR) - Dominique DURAND (HORTIS – Ville de Beauvais) - Patrick LORIE (FNMJ) - Adrien MOREAU (MONEDEN.COM) - Jacques MOREAU (Photographe horticole) - Pascal NAUD (SEVE NANTES) - Guss WIJCHMAN (NEWPLANTSANDFLOWERS.COM) - Valérie VIDRIL (LIEN HORTICOLE)
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exhibitors-list-layouts--organise-your-visit friday 09 june Exhibitors list, layouts... Organise your visit

Discover 600 exhibitors and brands that will attend the Salon du Végétal tradeshow from 20 to 22 June 2017 in France (Nantes). To prepare your visit, here are useful tools at your disposal.

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record-number-of-entries-at-innovert-71-new-products thursday 11 may Record number of entries at Innovert: 71 new products

And the nominees are...

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1-march-deadline-to-register-your-novelties monday 20 february 1 March: deadline to register your novelties

Exhibitors have until the 1 March to register to Innovert, the novelties competition of the Salon du Végétal tradeshow.

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the-distribution-center-gets-bigger tuesday 07 february The distribution center gets bigger

They are seduced by the evolutions of the fair and will be present on 20, 21 and 22 June 2017 in Nantes: discover some exhibitor testimonials

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