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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
19 - 20 - 21 June 2018
Exhibit in 2018


Production sector: more plants & flowers and inputs

Even more plants & flowers and more inputs, prospectives, discoveries and innovation.

Even more plants & flowers and inputs :

Plants: plants and bushes/shrubs, cut flowers, indoor plants, bedding plants, vegetable patches, market gardens and vineyards, plants for patios, hanging baskets, bulbs, seeds….
Growers supplies and equipments
Inputs: fertilizers, chemical products, treatments, substrates, organic solutions
Containers, packaging, boxes
Mulching for soils
Equipments: greenhouses/glass houses, lighting, harvesting and labour saving devices, conveyer belts…
Services: banks, insurance, transport, teaching, media…

2017 production sector exhibitors list

Growers gathered in a same place

Salonduvegetal_1Shrubs, bushes and trees, cut flowers, indoor plants, bedding plants, flowering plants, plants for patios and terraces, plants for vegetable patches and market gardens, bulbs… The Salon du Vegetal is well named because the whole rainbow of the plants and flowers world is displayed.
The Salon du Végétal is also often an opportunity to launch new varieties, new plant breedings.
Regional stands are gathered in the Production sector.

A qualified young plants offer

Gathered in the XXL hall, breeders, growers and nurserymen of young plants and new varieties will offer a wide range of horticultural and nursery young plants.
On a special and dedicated outdoor space, called young plants display area ("Îlot Jeunes Plants"), you could discover a selection of new plants species and varieties, presented in young plants and in consumer products.

A wider range of inputs, packaging, materials and treatments

Salonduvegetal_2The Production sector is not only for plants and flowers. Suppliers present their activities as well. A wide range of products is displayed: substrates, containers, packaging, materials and treatments. This wider and gathered offer will save your time.

2017 production sector exhibitors list