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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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10 Apr 2018

140sq.m space dedicated in the Retail sector where exhibitors can showcase their products.

Retail corner: a new concept of store staging

This year, Salon du Végétal features a dedicated 140sq.m space in the Retail sector where exhibitors can showcase their products that combines flowers and plants with manufactured items. 

A space split three ways to showcase exhibitors' merchandising initiatives

Retail_corner_layoutThe Retail Corner is split into three sections:

A free expression section: each exhibitor spontaneously reveals his or her vision of how best to display their products through merchandising: presented on roll, pallet, tablet or whatever works best.

A section set out as shelves: visible at the heart of the showroom, where products will be associated with one another on POS shelving to create standard store displays and other types of cross-merchandising operations.

A display case section: lining the interior of the showroom to display eye-catching themes in order to capture consumers' attention. These display cabinets, produced by trends consultancy Chlorosphère, will pick up on all the latest major trends and provide a pragmatic backdrop to the ideal products for successful 2019 seasons.  

Setting the scene in four seasonal sections

In this space, the shelves will be laid out to represent the four seasons of 2019: 

Spring // The vegetable garden: products to help you grow your own produce (fresh, organic, sharing the values of nature).

Summer // Summertime conviviality: our favourite products for summer! Because entertaining is not just an art, but above all a pleasure and a source of wellbeing. 

Autumn // The urban garden: a range of distinctive products for small spaces, in keeping with the tastes of urban consumers.

Winter // Christmas: an inspired and inspiring selection to prepare for one of the best seasons of the year. 

Spring 2019 trend: BOHO

Inspired by American outdoor festivals that have breathed a Bohemian spirit into the hippest of circles, the BOHO trend will be given place of honour in the Retail Corner. How better to reconnect with consumers than by promoting the Bohemian lifestyle, synonymous with getting together, kicking back and enjoying life? 

As muse to our external world, this trend will pick up on the country-chic codes already a big hit in fashion, decorating and marketing: whites, lace and transparency effects, warm materials, light wood, with the focus on human values and the spirit of the driftwood fire on the beach...