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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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The fair has become a landmark for stores and central buyers, particularly for the Retail sector, located in the Grand Palais and half of hall 2. For the 2018 edition, through the special events and the conferences, the Retail sector focuses on the latest trends and merchandising techniques applied to the concept of conviviality.

PoleDistrib2018A wider range of gardening and deco products

Decoration and containers, outdoor design, growing media, care and treatment products, equipment, materials and tools, regional products, wellbeing, garden leisure and accessories. The various product categories will enable buyers to prepare their listings and the seasons ahead, their sourcing (plants, inerts, manufactured goods, equipment, etc.) but also to spot innovations, the latest new ideas, and identify trends.
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2018 novelty: Retail Corner - a new concept of store staging for retailers

Photos_retail_cornerRetail chains and suppliers alike have made great efforts to highlight products by means of in-store stagings. To support and develop this effort, this year’s Salon du Végétal features a 140 sq.m area devoted exclusively to exhibitors and aimed at retailers.
The Retail Corner is divided into three sections: a free expression section created by the exhibitors, a section of shelving displays to create standard store displays and other types of cross-merchandising operations, and a display case section created by Chlorosphère.
Setting the scene in four seasonal sections: Spring (vegetable garden), Summer (summertime conviviality), Autumn (urban garden) and Winter (Christmas).
The spring 2019 trends showcased in the Retail Corner will be BOHO, inspired by American open-air festivals that have breathed a Bohemian spirit into the most connected of circles.
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Conferences for retail outlets and central buying units

To provide central buying units and stores with useful information on developing their retail outlets, the Salon du Végétal invites contributions from experts on themes relating to sales, customer relations, merchandising, new product ranges, etc. Short conferences (30-45 minutes) to offer concrete, useful solutions.
 Talks program


Green Boutique contest for innovative stores

The Salon du Végétal is partnering the new Green Boutique contest launched by Garden_FabLab. The contest is intended to promote bold, sensible and sustainable commercial initiatives to help (re)connect city dwellers with the green world in metropolitan France. The winner store will be chosen by a panel made up of leading figures in the worlds of decoration and gardens. The prize will be awarded at the Salon du Végétal, to be held in Nantes from 19 to 21 June 2018.

New in 2018: What if the florist’s store were reinvented?

Closer to the customer, more artisanal, more authentic, more in step with the consumer’s idea of nature? What does the ideal store look like in 2020? Our team asked trends consultancy Chlorosphère to come up with a new store model for French florists. This real-life tool, totally in step with current and future trends in neighbourhood retail, is designed especially for you. More information.

JardinConnecte2018New: a connected garden at the Salon du Végétal.

Ideally positioned outdoors, between the XXL hall and the other halls, the Connected Garden area will feature, in real-life conditions, all the latest innovations in connected objects and digital solutions for the garden. Robot lawn mowers, controlled lighting and irrigation, reasoned management… lots of new ideas to discover. This area is presented in partnership with Jardigital and Matériel & Paysage.

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Retail Corner
A new concept of store staging

New in 2018: Connected Garden area

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Soireefestive Festive evening
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