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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
19 - 20 - 21 June 2018
Exhibit in 2018


Retail sector

Moving to decoration, tool, equipment, exterior design and inputs.

A wider range of gardening and deco products:
Decoration and containers: pots, pot covers, hanging baskets and window boxes
● Exterior design
● Treatment and maintenance products
● POS equipment: furniture, glasshouses/greenhouses, lighting
Equipment, tools and materials
● Regional & well-being products
Leisure and pleasure gardens

2017 Retail sector exhibitors list

Logo Ilot Distribution

A life-size concept sales!


The Salon du Végétal innovates and changes Distribution Island ("Îlot Distribution") into a Concept Store! Over a surface worthy of a typical urban store, the trade show team, supply partners, guided and chosen by CHLOROSPHERE trends solutions, put the spotlight on contemporary plants and a trendy mood.
More information about the concept store


Marketing concepts for Retail


Distribution Corner is targeted at the Garden centre market and Supermarket plant section market. In the past this was aimed specifically at producers, but since 2017 it’s open to manufactured products and inert products.


for central purchase units, retailers and florists


Over the 3 days of the trade show, conferences/training bring to retailers and central purchasers the chance to learn concrete and innovative solutions in store plant maintenance, merchandising, client relations, how to choose the best supplier, consumers profils, etc. With a lot of speakers: Roland Motte, Bruno Canin, Chlorosphère...

For you, central purchase units, take advantage of the Salon du Végétal through different actions:
● INTERNAL: organise central purchase units events (internal or suppliers meetings)
● PURCHASERS COMMISSIONS: optimize your sourcing with your purchasers commissions (plants & flowers, deco, manufactured...)
● FOR YOUR SALES POINTS: create your event on the trade show

They visited the trade show in 2017…

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