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Salon du Végétal - Tradeshow

Nantes / FRANCE - Parc expo
10-12 September 2019
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07 Feb 2017

They are seduced by the evolutions of the fair and will be present on 20, 21 and 22 June 2017 in Nantes: discover some exhibitor testimonials

Pascal Garnier 2Pascal Garnier, Director of Scotts national purchasing centres.
" Scotts (Fertiligène, Naturen, KB, Roundup) are happy to take part next June in this newly designed event in Nantes, so that we can present our brands and product ranges. For this trade-show, we'll focus on our new products which will enable us to gain new consumers. Innovation is actually the key-challenge for us. We need to come up with innovative solutions for urban gardens, young consumers (Generation Y’ers) and help make modern gardening easier. The Salon du Végétal is the ideal event for us to answer these current issues."

Manuel Rucar 2Manuel Rucar, Director of Chlorosphère
" The Salon du Végétal is the only French event where the plant professional choice is wide and attractive enough for any distributor to be able to find all the things they need to set up well-balanced, consistent and attractive range of products.
Together with several suppliers and partners, we'll set up a real-size urban retail store presenting an updated offer of plants and manufactured products. This will be a real trade tool for retailers in terms of merchandising, a kind of practical guide to help suppliers adjust to market changes and a very relevant indicator for sales trends."

2017 Exhibitor List

Discover the highlights of the Salon du Végétal 2017 for distribution and floristry markets:
•  A wider range of products for distribution and floristry with new categories of products: decoration (indoor and outdoor), equipments, tools, inputs, etc.
• Useful contacts for your business (more than 15,000 professional visitors expected)
• Exchange in a friendly atmosphere and a landscaping environment, conducive to business
• A key date to present your innovations and to work the references with distribution actors
• A festive evening to continue the meetings
• More conferences for distribution professionals
• Equipment demonstrations