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Company details

Contact :44 RUE D'ALÉSIA 75682 PARIS CEDEX 14 FR

Phone :+33 (0)

Activities : Trees in row, Small fruit bushes, Flowering shrubs, Evergreen shrubs, Hedge bushes, Shrubs and ground cover, Indoor bonsaï, Outdoor bonsaï, Fertilizer, Bamboo, Mulching, Organic products, Biological protection, bio control, Plant protection products, Heather, Waste managment, Other equipment, Glasshouses, Flower bulbs, Teaching, research, Cacti, Professional organisation, association, Clump tree, Collection plants, Floral composition, Cut greenery, Cut flowers, Ferns, Grasses, Flowering hydrangea, Forced hydrangea, Young aromatic plants, Young (pot & bedding) plants, Young ornamental plants, Young plants, fruit grafts, Mixed flowers, Micro plants, Lily of the valley (shoots), Lily of the valley (clumps), Lily of the valley (potted), Plant and flower walls, Olives, Orchids, Osier Tortuosa, Palms, Bedding plants, Aquatic plants, Aromats, condiments, Organic aromats & condiments, Shrubs in row, Seaside plants, Heather earth plants, Desert plants, Flower pot plants, Evergreen pot plants, Hanging plants, Climbing plants, Mediterranean plants, Ornamental plants, Perennials & rock plants

Type of markets :Fleuristerie, Distributeurs, Espaces Verts, Producteurs



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