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The Plant Courtyard is the nerve center and the exhibition space for plants at the show.

Located in the mixed zone, it is accessible to professionals and non-professional visitors. This place, scenographed like a village square, lively or calm depending on the moment, is intended to bring people together and allow exchanges and sharing. It is also an immersive place in the know-how and offers of the players in the sector. Finally, it is a place of inspiration around good practices and plant trends.

> Find the interview with Sarah Blondé, who manages the association of skills that scenographs the Plant Courtyard


The plant courtyard IS COMPOSED OF :

Built around 2 main axes, founding principles of the show :

  • Plants at the service of territories, with all its positive features
    Plants responding to climate change, favorable to biodiversity and the environment
  • The plant at the service of man, source of well-being

    The ornamental, nourishing, therapeutic plant




The CŒUR VÉGÉTAL is open to all plant-producing exhibitors, it gives the possibility of exhibiting 1 to 3 products free of charge on the market place of the CŒUR VÉGÉTAL.

Pour en savoir plus, téléchargez dès à présent la présentation de l’offre, ou rendez-vous dans votre espace exposants.



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