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This is a big first ! The Salon du Végétal opens its doors to the general public, on the last afternoon, with the aim of using genuine interactions to create bonds between professionals and consumers !

Thursday 12 September from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. :

The goals:

To gain direct feedback on products:

* Exhibitors

This opening is a real opportunity for professionals to test their products on potential final consumers.

Thanks to an integrated voting tool on the stand, exhibitors will be able to gain feedback on the product they want to test.

Find out more: salon(at)bhr-vegetal.com

* Innovert

Consumers will be invited to give their opinion on the new ideas and innovations awarded in 2019.

To have the public react to the multiplicity of plant offerings so as to identify the determining factors leading to purchasing choices

With the collaboration of the UMT STRATège transdisciplinary research unit, the data will be collected and analysed: the idea being to have a full panorama of consumer expectations in terms of flowers and plants.

Action 1 – Distribution of a questionnaire to fair visitors

This questionnaire aims to identify the aspirations and the level of interest consumers have in flowers and plants.

This tool will then be more widely distributed by UMT Stratège on the occasion of other events in the sector.

The students responsible for distributing this questionnaire will analyse the results. The data will then be distributed after the fair.

Action 2 – “In the tub” creative workshop to identify consumer behaviour

UMT STRATège will run a special ‘test’ stand inviting consumers to select plants from a proposed range and then to arrange them in tubs imitating use on balconies, terraces and patios and in small gardens. The test will last between 5 and 10 minutes.

Following this experiment, an interviewer will talk with the consumer so as to specify what motivated their choices, while identifying the price they would be prepared to pay to achieve this arrangement.

All the information will be collected on a document indicating certain characteristics of the participating consumers (sex, age, socio-professional categories, living space, type of space available at home, type of budget allocated…).  Photos of the arrangements will also be taken so as to illustrate the contributions, and will also be used for the analysis of the results.

Communicating the industry commitments

Label rouge, Fleurs de France, Plante Bleue, Code Plantes Envahissantes, Charte Qualité Fleurs…

Today there are a certain number of certifications and labels that respond to the expectations of consumers in search of guarantees of origin, environmental responsibility and quality.

Yet, these certifications and labels are often little-known by the general public. The “meet the consumers afternoon” is therefore a great opportunity to assess the industry’s commitments.

Attracting tomorrow’s talent today

The challenge for the industry is also to train and recruit the next generation.

The meet the consumers afternoon is ideal to speak to school pupils thanks to workshops and an educational itinerary in the fair.

In collaboration with the “Terre des sciences” association



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