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Program under construction, do not hesitate to consult this page regularly.

  • Which plant(s), plants for tomorrow? ● How to pass on and make better known the plant heritage? ● What (new) uses, what place for plants? ● Which market(s), which distribution channel(s)? ● Which treatment(s), which practice(s) on our territories? ● The plant as a source of inspiration in a discipline …

So many questions that will find answers in the conferences and forum interventions proposed on the Show.



  • Presentation of the 2024/2025 trends Cabinet Chlorosphère
  • Water and plants to the rescue of our citiesCabinet Takahé Conseil
  • Trees at all costs: from the “Arboretum City” to the National Tree AwardJacques Soignon
  • Responding to health issues through the therapeutic garden – Romane Glotain, Le Jardin des Maux passants
  • How to set up an employer brand ?Matinales CNPH
  • Technical morning Connected and digital horticulture – Astredhor – Technical and production cycle by SIVAL
  • Architecture and plants – Edouard François, Maison Edouard François
  • Human Permaculture: what synergies between the organization of a landscape/garden and managementLouise Browaeys


● A tribune, a great witness: Architect, designer, writer…They draw their source of inspiration from the plant.
● A tour of the Plant Heart


● Forum

  • Presentation of the results of the competitive intelligence –  FranceAgrimer
  • Master Class Restitution study – Cabinet Chlorosphère
  • Growing with intellectual property  Fabrice Vié, INPI
  • Coexistence of root systems and public works – Plante et Cité
  • Design and management practices for shrubbery – Plante et Cité
  • Restitution of the Learning Expedition “Agriculture and plants in the city” realized during IHC 2022. – V. Tosser, Chargée de mission végétal urbain VEGEPOLYS VALLEY
  • What factors explain cooperation in horticulture? – Result of a study conducted by Serge Blondel, Professor of Economics, University of Angers – Technical and production cycle by SIVAL
  • History of a best-seller ? How does one go from the edition to the “must have” that can be found in every garden / Varietal innovation from its creation to its diffusion. – Sapho
  • Presentation of the ‘Life Artisan’ project – ADEME 


Round tables

  • Enlightenment and experience sharing with actors engaged in the practice of labels and certifications –  Excellence Végétale
  • Exchange with producers involved in the “Local Plant” brand – Conservatoire Botanique National des Pyrénées et Midi-Pyrénées (CBNPMP)
  • Consumers of plants : Summary of the results of the UMT STRATège UMT STRATège
  • How to make biodiversity in urban areas? – Hortis


Institutional and celebration times 

  • Launch of the new VAL’HOR identity
  • Awarding of the Innovert innovation competition





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