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2022 retrospective

The program for the Salon du Végétal 2024 is currently under construction.

A look back at the highlights of the 2022 edition !


A mixed system where distribution and production come together to build together the plant ranges of tomorrow in an attractive and seductive area for consumers looking for simple, accessible and desirable plant solutions.

Gathered there were:

  • An exhibition which presented the results of the Retail study on the “plant” departments, produced especially for the Salon du Végétal
  • A master class to present the conclusions of this Retail study, with responses adapted to the needs of the participants
  • The white paper on “the new segmentation of plant ranges at the point of sale”.


prospective CONFerence : “The future is already here”

Crédit photo : Jeanne Bonnet

Why anticipate? ● What is foresight and what is it for? ● What are the major global trends for 2040? Demographic, technological, political, economic, environmental variables…

The future is already here. While awareness of our planetary finitude is growing, as we can communicate on the other side of the world, as we have access to an almost infinite source of information, our actions do not seem to be up to the challenges. So what can we do to consider another way of acting, more conscious, more responsible, more supportive of future generations?

Carine Dartiguepeyrou, forecaster, speaker, doctor in political science, carried out work based on these projections, and proposed 4 different scenarios applied to the plant sector.


professional PARty

Crédit photo : Jeanne Bonnet


For exhibitors and visitors alike, this evening is a fantastic opportunity to continue discussions and share good times with colleagues, customers and suppliers.





European buyer delegations

The foreign delegation of buyers that we have selected and who came to visit the Salon du Végétal represents a very large part of the European trade in plants and flowers.

The current context makes French production interesting: relative social and political stability, assured logistics, product quality and recognized breadth of range.


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