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A 700 m2 space filled with planters and dedicated to innovation and experimentation. A new and fun way to discover the Exhibitors: growers of herbs, young fruit and vegetable plants, and seeds. 

The principle :

  • A fun and focused staging of offerings by exhibitors (breeders and genetics distributors).

The goal :

  • To offer an area of inspiration and sourcing for ornamental and vegetable plants.
  • To enable joint working time between retailer – grower and genetics distributor – and breeder, to prepare the ranges to come.

An opportunity :

  • To lead to three-way reflection, concerted upstream, by industry stakeholders.

The possible responses of the Pixel Garden 

Technical solutions to provide responses to the current problems impacting ornamental and vegetable plants :

  • Response and adaptation to climate change
  • Response and adaptation to attacks, diseases & pests
  • Contribution to the preservation of bio-diversity
  • Contribution to sustainable development
  • Response and adaptation of easy plants for the producer

Aesthetic and technical solutions depending on consumer needs / expectations :

Response and adaptation to fashion & trends: plants that are aromatic, fine, aesthetic, privacy, medicinal, adaptable to small spaces (balcony/ terrace), easy to look after, resistant, environmentally friendly



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