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“Anticipating future visits!”

Yann Pescheux, Gérant de la pépinière espagnole Sun Plantes Viveros, spécialisée dans la production d’oliviers, palmiers, et plantes méditerranéennes.

Yann Pescheux, Manager of Sun Plantes Viveros, a Spanish nursery specialised in the production of olive trees, palm trees, and Mediterranean plants.

Why will you be at the Salon du Végétal this year?

It’s a tradition for us to come to the Salon du Végétal every year. But in June it was too late for our calendar. In September, though, it‘s perfect! It will be just before our autumn season and also during our preparation for spring, which is our biggest season. We’re going to be able to establish contacts and anticipate future visits from customers who will travel to Spain to choose their plants.

What are you going to present at the Salon?

This year, our stand will be much bigger. We are going to present some rustic varieties of olive trees and palm trees, which grow well in France. But also some very large olive trees and palm trees, as well as hundred-year-old olive trees and a cloud-shaped olive tree.

What are your expectations for the Fair?

Our company is already well-established, so I’m really coming to the fair to socialise with my regular customers, to discuss last season and the coming season. And, of course, to make new contacts!




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